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Ceremony Strings


Prelude music is performed as your guests are arriving and being seated before the ceremony. Depending on the size of the venue and number of guests, prelude is usually 15-30 minutes long. While virtually anything can be performed during the prelude, we suggest upbeat, light classical selections to create a festive atmosphere; some of the popular choices for prelude music include Water Music by Handel, Divertimenti and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart, and Brandenburg Concerti by Bach.



As the ceremony begins, the entrance of each group of people can be accompanied by a piece of music. Depending on the size of the bridal party, individual songs may be assigned to entrances of grandparents and parents (Parents' Processional), entrance of the bridal party (Bridal Party Processional), and entrance of the bride (Bridal Processional). 

Parents' Processional is usually accompanied by classical wedding music, and the selections emphasize the noble atmosphere for the entrance of grandparents and parents. Some of the most popular pieces used as Parents' Processional are Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring by Bach, Largo from Winter by Vivaldi, and Air on G String by Bach. Contemporary songs, such as What A Wonderful World or The Wedding Song - There Is Love are also often used as Parents' Processional.

The Seasons - Winter (Vivaldi)


Bridal Party Processional is chosen to accompany bridesmaid(s), flower girl(s), and ring bearer(s) as they walk down the isle, and the character of the music here is often lighter and more playful. Some of the traditional classical choices include Spring from The Seasons by Vivaldi, La Rejouissance by Handel, and Pastorale by Corelli; while modern selections could vary from upbeat songs (Clocks and Yellow by Coldplay) to more lyrical soundtracks (Married Life from Pixar's UP, Can You Feel The Love Tonight from Lion King).

Pastorale (Corelli)

Pixar's UP - Theme


Bridal Processional introduces the bride, and we are always excited to perform a piece that best reflects the personality and style of the entrance. One of the most popular choices for Bridal Processional is Canon in D by Pachelbel, and its classical alernatives are Here Comes The Bride by Wagner and Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke. Modern choices often include Love Story by Taylor Swift, Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Canon in D (Pachelbel)

Love Story (Taylor Swift)


Musical Interlude

You may choose to include a short piece of music to accompany the lighting of the candle, sand or rose ceremony, or as a special memory for a family member. Some of the great classical selections for the musical interlude are Ave Maria by Schubert, Morning Meditation by Tchaikovsky, and Adagio by Mendelssohn.

Morning Meditation (Tchaikovsky)



Once the ceremony is completed, a Recessional is performed to accompany the exit of the bridal party, parents, and the bride and groom. One of the most popular recessionals in the world is Mendelssohn's Wedding March, and its classical alternatives would be Ode To Joy by Beethoven, Rondeau by Mauret, Trumpet Tune by Purcell, while modern choices include All You Need is Love by The Beatles, Beautiful Day by U2, Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

Your wedding will shimmer with the beautiful sounds of ensemble strings. Customize your ceremony with a duet, trio, or quartet. 


Classical, contemporary or popular music, we can customize every aspect of your ceremony, cocktail hour and reception.


CNY Collaborative string ensembles are also available to provide classical music as well as popular selections for wedding ceremonies, cocktail hours, dinners, corporate events and private functions.


Musical elegance for every event! 


Joe Davoli -  CNY Wedding Music's Resident String Consultant.


Joe Davoli is an award-winning performer of several styles of music including Celtic, rock, jazz, bluegrass, blues, and classical. He has composed and recorded music for an off-Broadway revival, served as musical supervisor for a short film, and has published a successful method book for fiddle and mandolin. His solo CD “Game Plan” has received international acclaim. He is currently a full time member of Ceili Rain, as well as, a studio musician and teacher.

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